Antler Guest House lies within the Pilrig conservation area opposite Pilrig Park.

Pilrig Street and Pilrig park were formerly owned by the Balfour Estate, within the grounds of the park lies Pilrig House where the Balfour family once lived.

By relation, the grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson was an inhabitant of the house, the famous author spent time there as a child and the estate is referred to in his novel ‘Catriona’.

The row of georgian and victorian villas that now sit either side of Pilrig street were built under the strict supervision of the Balfour family and many are  now listed buildings within the designated  conservation area of Pilrig.

The ‘A’ listed Pilrig Dalmeny church with its italian gothic architecture, sits at the corner of Leith Walk and Pilrig street and is a useful landmark to all visitors.

To this day the church still holds traditional fiddle lessons that were introduced by the early settlers from the highlands and islands of the north.

Going back further, the Estate was also said to be the holiday retreat of Mary of Guelders the Queen consort of Scotland as the wife of King James II of Scotland.

The park, now gifted to the people of Edinburgh can be enjoyed by all.